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Dental Implants for Elderly

Many patients who are advanced in age ask the question "Is it worth it for me to spend $30,000 to repair my mouth at my age?" The answer is yes as the life expectancy continues to rise and current dental problems will normally become worse if not corrected.

From a medical standpoint, any patient that is healthy enough to have a tooth removed is healthy enough to have a dental implant placed. However, typically this is not a medical-related question, but is a question of prioritization. Our wallets almost always follow our priorities.

Denture Alternatives for the Aging

As we get older, material belongings typically become less important. How we feel, our overall health, and maintaining relationships with those we love becomes more important. Dr. Paul Gilreath provides dental implants for many elderly patients who find dentures to be intolerable.

Dental implants do take some time, but treatment has never been faster. In some situations, a set of temporary non-removable teeth can be placed on the dental implants the day of surgery. In most cases, treatments that used to routinely take two years now may only require three to seven months. With today's technology, dental implant treatment is easier, more convenient, and takes less time than ever before.

You are never too old to invest in a healthy mouth. Call Gilreath Dental Associates today to schedule a consultation for dental implants. Make this time for yourself, you will be glad you did!

Dental Implants for Elderly | Denture Alternatives for the Aging