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Missing teeth impair complete digestion of foods.  Without a full complement of teeth, your food cannot be chewed thoroughly.  When larger pieces of food must be swallowed, many times the stomach is not able to finish the job of digestion.  When food has been incorrectly chewed, your digestive tract cannot work as effectively and vital nutrients are not absorbed.  This is not a good roadmap for a long and healthy life!

Thanks to the blessing of modern medicine, we are living longer.  The average lifespan continues to increase with some predicting 150-year life spans in the next twenty to fifty years.  The fact is we now need for our teeth to last longer.

Do you hide your smile?  Missing teeth can destroy self-confidence and change how you smile.  It is readily apparent when a front tooth is missing, and it is a big deal for most anyone.  However, it is also a big deal when teeth are missing on the side and in the back of your mouth.  Do you hold your lips a certain way to that no one can see your “space”?  Do you turn away from people even if only slightly to mask the gap?  Do you withhold your smile from a big grin even at the funniest moments?

A single missing tooth can cause damage that you cannot feel or see until it is too late.  Just one missing tooth can cause a cascade of events that have led millions of people to needlessly loose teeth.  Many people will ignore a missing tooth or teeth in the back of their mouth unknowingly harming their smile and ultimately their health.

Our teeth were designed to work together, each one to perform a specific function.  When a member of the group is lost, more work is required out of the remaining teeth, shortening that tooth’s life. 

Teeth will shift toward the hole left by a missing tooth.  When gaps open up, teeth shift changing your smile for the worse.  This throws off your bite and causes a destructive bite.  Destructive bites can cause headaches, severe jaw joint pain, broken teeth, and teeth that wear too fast.

A missing tooth or missing teeth can also lead to gum disease by creating a trap for food and bacteria.  Gum disease is an infection that spreads to the body and can increase the risk for heart disease, heart attack, and various other health problems. 

If you are currently missing one or more teeth, please protect your dental health as well as your overall health by calling Gilreath Dental Associates today.  We will schedule a consultation with one of our Dental Implant Specialist at your convenience.  We look forward to hearing from you.