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Psychological Effects of Dental Implants

For many people in our culture, the loss of teeth is associated with aging. Dental implants give a psychological life to people with missing teeth who would otherwise have some feelings of inadequacy related to aging and the loss of teeth.

In fact, in a study by P.I. Branemark, eighty-nine percent of patients treated with dental implants reported that their psychological health improved compared to before their treatment. The majority of these patients perceived their implant-supported replacement teeth as an integral part of their own body.

Several studies have been published that indicate that dental implant treatment is more predictable in the long run than many other restorations in dentistry including the often-used four-tooth fixed Bridge. The success rate for four-tooth Bridges on natural teeth is about eighty-five percent over a five to ten year period. The success rate for implant-supported teeth is ninety percent or more for the same period of time. Of course, success cannot be guaranteed, but the success rate for implant-supported teeth is very high.

Dental Implant Psychological Health Benefits

The specialists at Gilreath Dental Associates enjoy improving patients' psychological outlook utilizing dental implants. Our implant-supported replacement teeth greatly improve patients' health and their quality of life. Our dental implants enable patients to eat the foods they love, and speak, laugh and smile with confidence.

Patient care at Gilreath Dental Associates is truly a team approach, and we are blessed to work alongside a caring and talented group of people. Our compassionate team strives to treat each patient with the same attention and care that we would show a member of our own family.

If you live in Marietta or the Greater Metro Atlanta area and are interested in improving your psychological outlook, quality of life and dental health with dental implants, please call Dr. Paul Gilreath today. We will schedule a consultation with one of our skilled and talented dentists at your convenience. This may be one of the most important calls you ever make. We look forward to hearing from you.

Psychological Effects of Dental Implants | Dental Implant Psychological Health Benefits