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Untreated Dental Problems Get Worse Over Time

In almost every situation, the hidden costs of doing nothing eventually greatly exceed the costs of fixing the situation. This is definitely true in the case of serious dental problems. Untreated dental problems can and will only get worse. It is impossible for a serious dental problem to reverse itself on its own.

If you think you are having trouble and difficulty right now, look ahead and try to imagine what it will be like to suffer even more, and to be forced to endure more pain. This is surely what will occur as time goes by. Facial collapse, shrinking bone and gums, more tooth loss, impaired speech, inability to chew, unhealthy diet, and loss of taste are just some of the things that occur as a result of ignoring serious dental problems.

The Cost of Doing Nothing About Your Teeth Problems

Do not let those little voices inside your head cast doubt and stop you from doing what you know you should do. The cost of not getting needed dental implant treatment is far worse than the cost associated with the treatment itself.

The staff at Gilreath Dental Associates can place implant-supported replacement teeth that look natural and feel great allowing patients to eat, speak, laugh, and smile with confidence. More importantly, dental implants placed our oral surgeons can prevent long-term health problems and greatly improve patients' dental and overall health.

Gilreath Implant Dentistry even offers a generous financing plan for qualified individuals to help with the costs of dental implants. If you have dental insurance, it may help to pay a percentage (usually a small percentage) of the total cost. We can provide you with a number of ways that other patients in similar situations have handled this investment.

Please do not compromise your health by ignoring serious dental problems. Call Dental Implants Specialist Dr. Paul Gilreath and schedule a consultation today. It may be one of the most important calls you ever make! We look forward to hearing from you.

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