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Partial Denture Problems

At the end of five years, only forty percent of partial denture wearers are still wearing the partial denture made for them. Of those wearing a partial denture, fifty percent chew better without it. Those patients still wearing partial dentures are all losing bone. Partial dentures exert pressure on the gum and bone causing bone loss; bone loss makes the partial even more difficult to wear.

Dental Bone Loss

Even though partial dentures can cause more tooth loss, some dentists still recommend them; many will agree to produce them at the patient's request. They of course mean well, and often a partial denture is not the first choice recommended, but patients may insist because of the lower cost.

At Gilreath Dental Associates, we offer permanent and effective solutions using dental implants for patients who are missing a tooth or teeth. We are proud to offer advanced solutions that enable patients to eat the foods they love, and speak, smile and laugh with confidence.

Dental Bone Loss Repair

Patient care at Gilreath Implant Dentistry is truly a team approach, and we are blessed to work alongside a caring and talented group of people. Our compassionate team strives to treat each patient with the same attention and care that we would show a member of our own family.

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you do not have to settle for partial dentures. If you live in Marietta or the Greater Metro Atlanta area and are looking for a permanent solution for a missing tooth or missing teeth, please call Dental Implant Specialist Dr. Paul Gilreath today. We will schedule a dental implants consultation at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Partial Denture Problems | Dental Bone Loss | Dental Bone Loss Repair
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